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Adurcup is one stop shop for all the major backend needs of the restaurant. We provide a singular web platform for the restaurants to 'Manage' their daily operations, 'Interact' with their subordinates and 'Transact' in the needed areas.

We use all the services from adurcup and are one of the happiest clients where they can try new things. Their innovative approach not only helps in solving current problems but also helps in understanding and addressing the future issues.

by Asad, COO, TPOT Cafe

Food Packaging

Make sure your delectable cuisines and awesome food items are complemented by the best food packaging and disposable items from Adurcup. Cut down your long trips to the marketplace, step into our website and just choose from a huge array of products.

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We are glad to use your features. It is very easy to use. We have always received right products. In future we will order everything which is available on your website.

by Saurabh Sharma, Sam's Pitstop

Housekeeping Products

Do not let the ambience of your restaurant down. Cleanliness and hygience adds to customer satisfaction. As much as food attracts your customers, hygience is a necessity. Buy the best available clean hygience and housekeeping products straight from our website. "Swacch Bharat, Swasth Bharat"

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Pest Control

Rodents, Termites, Bugs, Lizards, Cockroaches Cockroaches or any other pest! Our pest control service 'Debugs' all of them.


With WiFi, get connected to elevated social networking and effective branding and make your place more lively and friendly.

Payment Solutions

In this difficult phase of transition to digital India, we present a variety of online payment solutions including EDC machines and mobile wallet systems.