My Account and My Orders

What is “My Account “? How do I update my information?

It is easy to update your Adurcup account and view your orders any time through ‘My Account.’ It provides the user the complete control over all the transactions on the website. Manage/Edit your personal data like address, phone numbers, email ids. Manage your Organization/Restaurant details. Manage, Repeat and review your past order. Change your password. Track status of your order.

How do I know my order is confirmed ?

Once your order has been logged and payment authorization is received, the seller confirms receipt of the order and starts the delivery procedure. The customer will receive an email confirming the details of the order. The mail will feature the Unique Order id along with the listing of the item(s) / services you have ordered and the expected delivery / service time. The user will get a notification as soon as the order is dispatched. Shipping details will be provided with the respective tracking number(s).

Can I order a product that is ‘Out of stock ’?

Unfortunately, products listed as 'Out of Stock' are not available for sale. Please use the 'Notify Me' feature to be informed of the product's availability with sellers on the website.


Why do I see different prices for same products/services?

A product could be listed under different prices. There could be sellers offering you the same product but at a different price. That is the nature of the Adurcup marketplace, where different sellers compete for your order.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Adurcup?

You can shop on Adurcup by providing just your contact number. It is not necessary to have an account to shop and purchase items or book services. However we recommend our customers to create an account. By creating the Adurcup login id, the costumer will get a chance to enjoy personalized shopping experience, including recommendations, quicker checkout and a public wish list. You will also be able to rate/review product(s) / services and sellers.

Order Status

How do I check the current status of my order?

Login into the website from your account. Click on ‘My Orders’. The page will have the entire details of the order, both at the vendor and the sellers end. Along with the shipment details, even the expected arrival date would also be mentioned there.

What do the different order status mean?

Different order is the delivery in instalment. Every order will be given a unique identification number. The delivery timings of all the instalments will be mentioned accordingly.

When and how I can cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before it reaches the “Order Shipped” state. To cancel, please contact us with the order number.